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The Start of World War III: Kim Jong-un versus Donald Trump

free essay on world war IIIWith or without the help of Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un has the capability to plunge the entire planet into its World War III inside a century. Indubitably this one will cause more harm and destruction than the Great War, where even the use of aircraft was in its early stages, and chemical weapons were not used. It could also be more dangerous than the World War II that ended with the first where nuclear weapons were heavily used.

Currently, Donald Trump has played a pivotal role in inciting the start of World War III where he has installed anti-missile defense against the north inside South Korea.  Trump is trying to copy what President Kennedy did in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis. Note that President Reagan did the same thing during 1980s cold war: practicing brinkmanship, demonstrating strength and displaying resolve.

Just like Kennedy and Reagan, it is easy for Trump to prevail. Nevertheless, it not that trick to watch how things would spin out of control in a blink of an eye. Since this will make Kim feel that he is abandoned and exposed at the same time, he could try to retaliate by sending off a few missiles of his own, perhaps targeting Japan which is always a popular point of the target. Evident to the recent form in Syria and Afghanistan, Trump will strike back using a surgical and proportionate strike on some facilities belonging to North Korea.  The North Korean will be forced to sink a South Korean warship. In the process, some North Koreans will manage to get themselves shot to ribbons, chucking another missile over the border and it kills all the American troops. This will force Trump to retaliate by escalating the bombing of government building. With all these happenings, Kim will see his regime critically threatened, having no other alternative and nothing to lose. Having a great support from Russian and Chinese diplomacy, Kim will unleash his massive conventional force, trying to get the Americans surrender and leave him in power.

Military Might and Powerful Military Forces in World War III

The fact is that there is no shortage of weapons. In those two parts of the world, you come across the world’s biggest and most powerful military forces. The United States and Russia are now content to be more of an observer than a player. Believing what Trump says, it is so worrying to publicly chastise North Korea while pushing for harsher sanctions. Remember that there is South Korea too rapidly growing its armed troops, and of course North Korea, with a massive army and its nuclear and missile technology it has managed to build. Even though Japan us technically impaired to self-defense, the country has substantial armed forces. Note that it would not take an extended period for this superior abundant power to build a nuclear technology weapon once the need arises.

Kim is not crazy, and he is also not a nutty dictator as portrayed in team America; he is just like his father. Kim is ruthless and paranoid, as he openly eliminates all his rivals and critics. Since he has nothing to lose, once the Americans decide to depose him just like what they did with Saddam and Gaddafi, he believes that he will be killed publicly.  Because of this, nothing can stop him from executing a few million Japanese and Koreans plus a few thousand Yankee soldiers.

Clearly, this is where the danger for President Donald lies. The US president has cleverly made some augments that America does not want to embrace change. However, let’s find out of what use are those words to Kim.  The only reason Kim needs his nuclear and enjoys playing with them is precise to freak out other leaders around him, leaders who care less about human life and prosperity of their countries. What the northern Korea leader sees is the world where developed nations like America, Japan, South Korea and even China or Russia will try to eliminate you if you so dump such that you disarm yourself or let them tamper with your weapon program.  So according to Kim, this is the main reason as to why Gaddafi and Saddam were executed in cold blood. However, our primary concern should be why both the Iranians and Kim are still sitting pretty.

The threat is not about Trump personally. It is what any American president is bound to do once they feel that the vital security of the great nation is at stake. Essentially, what the article talks about here is the ultimate sacrifice made by Japan and South Korea to eliminate some threats of a North Korean missile killing American citizens in some next five years to come. The danger can be assessed as possible, and it might shift over time. However is seems implausible to vanish on its preference, for example through massive economic collapse. Nevertheless, this is never a good prospect that any president can feel contended with. No president is capable of allowing a hostile nation to be in a position to attack San Francisco with a nuclear-tipped ICBM if it has an opportunity to stop it from taking place.

If President Donald Trump felt that he had no other option other than making a surgical strike, the consequences of his action are incalculable. Just like Kim has done in the past, Trump could have opted for a low-level act of aggression. For instance, he would opt to sink a North Korean warship or drop a big conventional bomb on a North Korean nuclear facility. It is not possible to assume that Kim could respond in a kind way, worsen matters or just shout a lot. If escalation starts, when will it go critical? How many people will lose their lives in the process and how much damage could it bring to the global economy?


The cost of human life and treasure would be unprecedented is this is bound to happen. The current world, apart from the odd hermit nation like North Korea, is a more interdependent than ever before in various ways including social, political and economic aspects. This alone could make World War III the worst ever global conflict.

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