Free Essay: Toyota Marketing Strategy

The 7Ps Of Marketing: Toyota Marketing Strategy Analysis

7Ps of marketing analysis of ToyotaAre you a student in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia looking to hire marketing essay writing service for your Toyota marketing strategy plans, essays writing or dissertation help online? At Expert Writing Help, we hire highly talented and qualified marketing paper writers to assist you complete that assignment or marketing analysis paper giving you sleepless nights. Most students seeking our marketing essay writing service request for proof that we can deliver quality paper. It is  for this reason that we regularly develop free marketing essays for students to judge our writing skills. In this blog post, we shall conduct market analysis on Toyota company to establish what makes the company successful. Since Toyota company is a highly successful automotive assembly company, it has attracted attention of academicians and pundits. Therefore, it is common to find academicians, analysts and strategists spending hours on end studying their marketing strategy. Our expert marketing essay writers deployed the 7Ps of marketing tool to analyze Toyota marketing strategy, which has seen  the company grow into a giant automaker.

As of February 2018, Toyota was the largest carmaker in the world. And that is no accident. Continuous improvement, innovation, high-quality products, and fiercely executing a well-thought-out marketing strategy account for Toyota’s dominance. Toyota’s focused execution of the 7Ps of marketing provides useful insights into how a business can achieve greatness. They are product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, process, and people.

Toyota marketing strategy: Product

Without a product or service, the other Ps of marketing do not mean a thing. Toyota makes beautifully designed, comfortable, fuel-efficient, durable, and safe products that satisfactorily meet users’ mobility needs.  Perhaps that is the reason this automaker’s vehicles’ have become almost ubiquitous.

The company continually develops sophisticated ways to improve its products. It offers diverse products that allow their customers unlimited choice. The company’s product mix includes engines, accessories and spare parts, marine products, Toyota automobiles, Lexus automobiles, and Welcab series (modified for the elderly and disabled). If a customer wants a luxury vehicle, Lexus automobiles satisfy that demand. And if a senior needs a suitable car, Welcab series have them covered.

Toyota marketing strategy: Price

Toyota sells affordable, comfortable, and fuel-efficient vehicles as well as top-of-the-range products that offer comfort and luxury. One cannot immediately identify the specific market category the company serves. Perhaps it is accurate to say that Toyota sells to the world. Before the company enters a new market, it has already developed a crystal clear understanding of the market and its various needs. One finds a profusion of specific models offered at varying price points in a given market and only a few such units in a different one. In markets that demand comfort and luxury, the company provides products that satisfy that need at acceptable prices. The most popular models in a given market are usually a reflection of its people’s purchasing power.

Toyota marketing strategy: Place

Toyota cars seem to be everywhere you look. Dealerships and retailers are the two principal places Toyota uses to distribute its products. Customers can find with ease the find numerous dealerships and retailers all over the world. But the largest chunk of the sales is attributable to the dealerships’ efforts. The company supplies its accessories and parts through independently owned auto spare stores. And there are millions of such businesses dotting the world’s economic landscape. Toyota relies heavily on the revenue its dealerships generate. But the company would not be where it is without the billions of dollars rolling in from the private auto spare stores.

Additionally, the internet is increasingly becoming a place where Toyota’s customers all over the world can buy products. It is hard to find a dealership that lacks a strong online presence.

Toyota marketing strategy: Promotion

marketing essay writing serviceWhen it comes to promotion and getting one’s name out there, Toyota goes all out and wins. The company consistently devises and executes various strategies and specific activities that aim to saturate the auto market with “Toyota messages.” Toyota promotes itself and its products through public relations, personal selling, advertisements, direct selling, and sales promotion.

Toyota marketing strategy: toyota’s promotion function

Personal Selling: Salespeople do personal selling at the various dealerships around the world. Most people are familiar with the typical, ever-smiling car salespeople at such locations. They are excellent at explaining or demonstrating why a particular model would work for a customer. Toyota’s Personal selling strategy is hugely successful if the humongous cumulative dealerships’ sales are anything to go by.

Advertisements: Toyota really goes to town on newspaper, TV, and online ads

Public Relations: Toyota understands and appreciates the incredible power of “free press” that is public relations. The company runs various programs that demonstrate Toyota’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Studies have shown that customers are increasingly choosing to support businesses that care about people and not just profits. Some of the programs are Togethergreen and Meal Per Hour. Togethergreen supports environmental initiatives while Meal Per Hour demonstrates Toyota’s concern for the hungry. “Acts of kindness” encourage consumers to form supportive mental associations with the businesses involved.

Direct Sales

Recently, Toyota started testing the effectiveness of a solution that potentially offers its customers convenience and saves them time. It is a web-based system where prospective customers would log in and order a product from anywhere. The company would then deliver the product to the customer’s preferred location. One wonders whether the success of the proposed system could lead to job losses.

Toyota marketing strategy: People

People are a central factor to how Toyota runs its business. The company invests enormously into its workforce through training and talent development. While Toyota pays great salaries to its employees, the work environment is not what one would call comfortable. It is a challenging place that forces people to think and create solutions that solve the company’s problems. People are probably the automaker’s number-one factor that sets it apart from its competitors.

Toyota runs its business on the premise that efficiency combined with good people produces excellence. Every person working for them is a dedicated soul who works hard to attain Chie — Japanese for Wisdom or knowledge. At Toyota, everyone’s ideas matter. And suggestions can originate from any place, whether that is the corner office or the factory floor.

Toyota marketing strategy: Process

Toyota hates waste and favors the lean manufacturing approach. The company remains firmly opposed to people and ideas that waste time, material or other resources. After attaining dominance, many companies tend to stop to celebrate their success. But Toyota has a different “mindset.” To them, anything that works excellently today needs to be working even better tomorrow. At that point, Toyota begins to look like one of the successful companies of the future.

Toyota marketing strategy: Physical Evidence

Toyota is easily identifiable by a logo that features three overlapping ellipses. The ellipses symbolize the “oneness” that exists between the hearts of Toyota’s customers and the carmaker’s products. The logo also reminds the corporation of the critical role technology serves in the grand scheme of things. The emblem makes the company’s dealerships, products, and staff easily identifiable. And customers get documentation that would always call to mind the buying experience relating to the product purchased.

That is what makes Toyota strategy great. It is reasonable to assume that other types of businesses can achieve excellence by implementing in their situations the 7Ps of marketing.

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Guide to Improve Grammar For ESL Students

Guide to Improve Grammar: What ESL Student Should Learn

How to Improve Grammar: a Guide for ESL StudentsLearning a new language has its benefits, but it can be quite hard. Things get harder when the language in question happens to be English. If you are an international student studying a degree in an English speaking country such as the U.S. or the United Kingdom, you have no choice but to become proficient in this language. Follow this guide to improve grammar within the shortest time possible, and reap fruits of being proficient in the language

When learning any new language, you will find words spelt in ways that leave you confused and wondering if you will ever learn. Also, there are a lot of grammar rules that might appear somewhat illogical; rules that are unlike anything you have seen in your native language. Take heart; you are not the only one. Even native speakers find themselves needing someone to explain something whenever they feel a little confused.

Guide To Improve Grammar: Reasons To Learn English

Why learn English when there are so many languages in the world from which to choose? Having a better understanding of this language will help you communicate with and make new friends in school, at work, and elsewhere. Additionally, mastering the Queen’s language can open more doors in education. In fact, learning English has been known to improve one’s career prospects. The opportunities that await you are endless, and with determination, you should be speaking English fluently soon.

To learn English as an ESL student, you will need to study various core topics. You must practice grammar, English vocabulary, spelling and reading, listening, writing, and a lot of common English phrases. You will need to learn a bit of slang if you desire to learn how to use this language in different settings. Some of the topics will empower you when it comes to writing academic papers or business communications. Others will stand you in good stead during person-to-person conversations or when watching television.

Guide To Improve Grammar: Steps To Improve Grammar For ESL

Learn grammar rules

You must resolve to master all the rules of English grammar as an ESL student. Internalizing these rules develops in you an excellent understanding of proper English syntax. This understanding becomes more useful as you continue on your journey to becoming completely fluent.

There is nothing like a writer who lacks a crystal clear understanding of how grammar rules work. So if you will be writing in this language, you do not have much choice — you must master the rules.

Improving your comprehension and conversational skills is critical. When you practice reading, you incorporate all the technical rules of English as you strengthen your comprehension skills. You will develop a contextual understanding of words and sentence structure.

Engage in listening activities

Listening activities give you a clear understanding of how native speakers pronounce words. Additionally, listening offers you an opportunity to learn how grammatical sentences sound during normal conversation.

Learning English common phrases is another practical way of gaining fluency. This language has a thousand and one idiomatic sayings and slang that ESL students like you might find senseless and even downright illogical.

Start by learning the meaning of such idioms. The internet or the local library is an excellent place to start. Once you have grasped how natives use a specific figure of speech, start practising it in your daily conversations. You will surprise yourself how soon you will start sounding like a real native speaker. You will stop feeling awkward when having a conversation with such speakers.

Guide To Improve Grammar: Make Internet Your Friend

Guide To Improve GrammarAs already mentioned, the worldwide web is an incredible resource when it comes to learning English or any other subject. People no longer use dictionaries; they use their favourite browser to look up words they do not understand. What is more, they get to hear native speakers pronounce the words.

Make use of online videos, too. There are hundreds of online teachers who want to share with the world the joy of being able to speak fluent English. These trainers have taken their time to create incredible videos where they explain in simple language how to use idiomatic phrases, phrasal verbs, and most importantly, how to pronounce words in a sentence. One great thing about watching and listening is that you will retain a lot of the knowledge you gather from those YouTube lessons.

You can find a lot of ESL-focussed English lessons online. Such resources are created purposely for the benefit of ESL students. Most of these lessons are interesting and engaging and will help you understand a lot of useful English concepts. Additionally, these resources address all the mistakes people make when they are learning this language. They also provide tips on how a learner can avoid such errors and remember all the new language rules they have already learned.

Also, some games and puzzles can help you practice language skills. Playing these games is an interactive activity that tests how well you have mastered the grammar rules, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling. You can find a lot of practical study guides that will help you improve your proficiency in English.

As you follow our guide to improve grammar, know that becoming proficient in English is a highly rewarding journey. Most of the big corporations and multinationals require their employees to be proficient in English. Similarly, top universities and colleges in the world teach their programs in English. Start it now and take your communication skills and career to the next level.

According to an article “7 benefits of learning English” published in EFL Magazine most academic work is written in English. Therefore, ESL students from non english speaking countries like China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and many more require to academic writing help. At expert writing help we assist students write quality Economics essays, GIS essays, nursing capstones and history assignments. Given most of statistical programs are written in English we offer ESL students with help with data analysis assignment at affordable rates