How to Develop Dissertation Topic Ideas

How to Develop Dissertation Topic Ideas

How to develop dissertation topicsStudents in their final year of study are required to write a dissertation, thesis or capstone project. This research papers are used to examine candidates understanding of the field. Writing these advanced academic papers start with developing a researchable topic. The topic should be brief, concise and researchable. It should also set boundaries of the study by localizing the research.
Most students do not know how to develop dissertation topic ideas for their studies. They hire dissertation writers to develop research topic for their papers. A dissertation paper is as good as its topic. Same case applies to thesis, capstone and research paper. Since a topic guides and dictate quality of research, it is imperative to learn how to develop good dissertation topics. We will highlight the guide our professional dissertation writers use to develop appealing topics for your paper. We will also discuss some of the topic ideas that students can explore when writing dissertation or thesis.

Tips on How to Develop Dissertation Topic Ideas

Factors to consider when developing research topics

Before embarking on writing a proposal, you need to develop a set of dissertation topics. From the set you then choose the most suitable topic for research based on set of factors. These factors include objectivity, research ability; contribute to the body of knowledge; measure ability; solution oriented and localization. The topic should also clear and concise. We recommend the title to be between eight words and ten words long. A title that is more than twelve words becomes ambiguous and cumbersome to readers. Remember always to keep the title interesting and captivating to the audience.

Researchable and measurable

Tips on how to develop dissertation topic helpA good research topic for dissertation, thesis or capstone should be researchable and measurable. To make a topic researchable never pose it as a question. Research studies are conducted to improve understanding on a given phenomenon; therefore a good research topic should be open ended. Suppose we seek to study whether level of education determines salary levels in Walmart. And we pose this dissertation topic Does salary levels in Walmart influenced by level of education? If the answer is no then you got no study. Leave questions for your hypothesis and research questions.

A topic is measurable if it has variables. Variables are categories or phenomena that a researcher is keen to measure. There are three types of variables namely independent variable, dependent variable and, in some cases covariate. A good research topic should at least have two variables independent variable and dependent variable.

  • Independent variable: This variable is sometimes referred to as explanatory or predictor. This is a variable in an experiment that is not affected by other variables in the system. It explains changes in the outcome variable in a causal effect relationship such as regression analysis. In a study to investigate relationship between level of education and salary, level of education will be the independent variable. As we know level of education in our system will not be affected by age, gender and other factors. However, it will determine how much a subject in our research study will earn.
  • Dependent variable: This variable is the outcome of the experiment. It is changed by other factors/variables in the system. In a regression analysis, dependent variables are denoted (Y). In our earlier study to investigate relationship between level of education and salary, we expect salary to be influenced by level of education, age, gender and other factors.
  • Covariate: Most social science experiments omit this important variable; as a result negating accuracy of research. Covariate is a secondary variable that has direct relationship on predictor and outcome variables. This variable is an independent variable with confounding or interacting effect in the study. In our earlier study to investigate relationship between level of education and salary, we expect salary to be influenced by level of education, age, gender and other factors. Gender will be our covariate as we know that men tend to earn more than women. Another factor to control is the number of years out of college. People tend to earn more the longer they are out of college. Unlike other studies, inclusion of covariates in studies tends to be more accurate since it minimizes unexplained variations in a group. In econometrics, covariates are referred as control variable

Objectivity and contribution to body of knowledge

The essence of writing dissertations, capstones, thesis and research paper is generation of new knowledge. To gain top marks in your research study you need to justify selection of topic. Saying “no one in the past has done this study” is not a reason enough to warrant you burn kilos of calories going through volumes of theories. As you know there are plenty of studies yet to be done. And most don’t need to be done. Justify why the research is important, the knowledge gaps it will fill and contribution to society and body of knowledge.

Other factors worth considering when developing research topics

Before you are convinced that you have chosen good research topic for dissertation, thesis or capstone; it is important to run small checks on the following factors.

  • Availability of data and literature: Before embarking on kicking the writing process, make sure there is enough information relating to your research topic. This will enable you write an articulate literature review and discussion.
  • Emergent issues: Due to dynamism in research and technology, some topics are very fluid. It is important to know what is happening in your topic of study. This will enable you update your research accordingly.
  • Originality: It is important to ensure uniqueness of your research topic. Ensure that there does not exist a study on a similar topic as the one you have chosen.

Students who follow our guide on how to develop dissertation topic ideas have easy time commencing their research. Professors and lecturers are impressed on first glance on the topic, giving the student go ahead to conduct the study.

Professional , Thesis Capstone and Dissertation Topic Help

Professional/ capstone/ thesis dissertation topic helpAt Expert Writing Help you can get professional thesis, capstone and dissertation topic help for $20 only. We will provide you with five topics from which to select from. In case you have a research topic for dissertation, thesis or capstone but unsure of its suitability, we can offer you topic rewriting help to make it objective, researchable and measurable. Below is a set of free topic ideas developed by our professional thesis/capstone/dissertation writers.

  1. Economics dissertation topic idea: Long term economic, sociological and political implications of Britain exit (BREXIT) from the European Union
  2. Management thesis topic idea: Airline industry analysis using Porters five forces model, a case of Southwest Airline
  3. Public health and nursing capstone topic ideas: Health crisis: Zika Virus and the rise in microcephaly and Guillin-Barre syndrome in Brazil
  4. Aviation capstone topic ideas: Investigating the future of green aviation; a look into technology, design and operations of Qantas airline
  5. Marketing thesis topic idea: Effectiveness of social media marketing over traditional marketing campaigns at John Fluevog Boots & Shoes, Sony & Dell
  6. GIS thesis topic idea: Utilization of spatial data analysis and remote sensing to investigate climate change in Saudi Arabia
  7. Geography research topic idea: Trend analysis of water levels during different months of the year at Lake Eucumbene Dam, Australia
  8. GIS research topic ideas: Investigating geographical distribution of primary health facilities in Oman using GIS data.
  9. Finance thesis topic ideas: Effect of meltdown in global oil prices in Saudi Arabia: Trend analysis of key economic indicators between 2010-2015
  10. Accounting dissertation topic ideas: Beyond financial reporting: impact of adopting sustainability reporting on business strategy of UK companies, a case of British Petroleum.
  11. Biology thesis topic: investigating relationship between vaccination and autism in infants in Ontario, Canada
  12. Sociology dissertation topic: Investigating cause of different sexual behaviors; homosexuals and bisexuals: choice or genetic disposition

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