CIPS: How To Progress Procurement Career in Dubai

Reasons You Should Study CIPS: Advance Procurement Career in Dubai

cips assignment helpAre you based in UAE, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Qatar or Kuwait and you are looking to advance your career in procurement or supply chain management? Then studying CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply) is a sure way to climb the corporate ladder.

The education system is quite vast and always growing daily, more information is coming to light, new methods are being developed and truth be told, you have to be not only up to date but also competent for you to be at the top of your game. With this in mind, you have to steer in the right direction and catch a wave right to the top. Procurement is not as many people think it is; many people will think of procurement as just making necessary arrangements for purchases but this goes a long way into the ever-competitive market and gets even more complicated in the face of scarcity. Which is why every company is looking for a top-notch procurement officer to hold their office, right? Dubai, being one of the world-leading commerce centers, it is only fair to say that they have set the bar quite high and for you to progress your procurement career here you have to study CIPS. This is why.

Increases competence.

Competence in this line of work is of high importance. Procurement involves a lot around it and it varies from field to field. Some will require the procurement officer to comb through the initial stages while some projects will need them to see it through to the end. At the top of every employer’s head is how to get quality at a very cheap or affordable cost. This means working on a budget. Having a procurement officer who has to source for extra funds in between a project fr unforeseen costs that are considered quite reckless leaves a lot to be desired. However, with the prior preparation of the market by professionals who have been in the market with the use of not only real-life examples but also current statistics, you can be sure to be well equipped for the market.

Being that you will not be the first one in the market from CIPS you can be sure you will be riding on a good name made by your predecessors; that should account for something, right? At this time and age, competence talks volume than a bunch of credentials.

Equips with leadership skills.

The educational value of CIPS cannot be described by a couple of paragraphs but it can for sure be translated into leadership skills that are instilled in all students. Holding an office as crucial as the procurement office not only gives you a good title to ride on but also responsibility and a team behind you. This means that your decisions reflect directly on your team and the company’s finances. CIPS helps grow an all-rounder kind of leader who is able to manage the combined efforts and act as both the checkpoint and glue to the team.

Morals in the corporate sector seem to have been washed away with time, with people wanting a cut of every transaction and trust levels going down every now and then, which leaves me thinking what has CIPS done to correct this? Given that procurement acts as a direct backdoor to fraud, they have instilled a solid moral compass to their students which has been verified by employees out there, making a CIPS student an easier candidate on any interview panel.

Project management.

As any good businessman will tell you, whenever a business opportunity presents itself, rise to the task and figure out how to do it later on, which is a principle that is quite dominant in the world today. However, being a procurement student of CIPS you will be taught to foresee the dangers that come with these. Managing a project starts way before the project even begins, t stats form doing background checks on all potential contractors and looking at their success stories to ascertain their worth. After all, I do believe that you have to get the best out of everything. And as a good manager will tell you, the success of any project, starts right from planning and sourcing stage, the other bit of seeing it through is just implementation of what was already laid out.

Financial management.

Scarcity is a word that many procurement officers are familiar with every now and then as they try sourcing for materials and hunting for quality. However, when you place the right value to any product you will be surprised at how plenty it was in the market. Bidding is on the top of the list of what they do on a daily basis. Studying CIPS will tell you that even though you can get some products easily for a high price, it is alternatively advisable to ‘play hard’ and get the same at a cheaper price. People out here are out to make money and the more money you save your company, for equal quality, it will translate to your financial accounts and allow you to budget for more at less cost.

“At the end of the day, you have to be good at what you do to stand a chance in surviving in the market. Being in this field for this long, I can tell you that some companies go down simply because of being short-sighted. Taking risks is the first step to any business and keeping in touch with trends will always keep you in the loop of being top of your game, I’m only grateful that CIPS had me ready in advance” said one of the top business executives in Abu Dhabi.

CIPS is offered in differed levels of study and it sets you apart from other candidates in the field and it gets you ready for the business market out there and allows you to not only manage businesses under other people but also run your own as well. Having a system that not only gives you theoretical training but also keeps you in the light on current systems and trends in the market and how to predict and go about them is the kind of system that I would vouch for everyone to enroll to. It would be a shame having to find this all out the hard way.

How To Pass CIPS Assignments

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